Join us at ONYX Luxury Aesthetics on April 18th from 2 PM to 6 PM for a Sciton MOXI Laser Event. Learn More…

Join us at ONYX Luxury Aesthetics on April 18th from 2 PM to 6 PM for a Sciton MOXI Laser Event. Learn More…

Sciton Forever Clear™ BBL in Albany OR

Sciton Forever Clear™ BBL in Albany OR


Forever Clear™ BBL® laser destroys acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and redness, and makes way for clear, healthy skin. Forever Clear BBL is fast, comfortable, and non-invasive with no downtime. Can be used to treat the face and body.


Individuals with acne-prone skin seeking an effective solution for acne breakouts, inflammation, and skin imperfections may be good candidates for Sciton Forever Clear™ treatment. It is suitable for various skin types and can be tailored to address specific concerns, but suitability should be determined through consultation with a skincare professional.

Sciton Forever Clear™ treatment results can vary depending on individual skin conditions and response to the procedure. While some individuals may notice improvements after the first treatment session, optimal results typically develop gradually over a series of treatments, with clearer, smoother skin becoming apparent over time.

The longevity of results from Sciton Forever Clear™ treatment depends on acne severity, individual skin type, and lifestyle factors. With a proper skincare routine and periodic maintenance treatments, results can be maintained for an extended period, helping to prevent future breakouts.

Sciton Forever ClearTM has minimal downtime, with most people returning to normal activities immediately after the procedure. After treatment, there may be some temporary side effects, such as mild redness or sensitivity, but these typically subside within a few hours or days.

Before treatment, it’s important to follow any pre-treatment guidelines provided by your skincare professional, which may include avoiding certain skincare products or medications. After treatment, adhering to post-treatment care guidelines, such as using gentle skincare products and avoiding sun exposure, can help optimize results and minimize potential side effects.

During a Sciton Forever Clear™ treatment session, a handheld device delivers light and laser energy to the skin, targeting acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation. The procedure is typically well-tolerated, with most individuals experiencing a warm sensation during treatment. The duration of each session may vary depending on the size and severity of the treated area. Multiple treatment sessions are usually recommended for best results.

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