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Join us at ONYX Luxury Aesthetics on April 18th from 2 PM to 6 PM for a Sciton MOXI Laser Event. Learn More…

Platelet Rich Fibrin in Albany OR

Platelet Rich Fibrin in Albany OR


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a type of regenerative medicine that uses the patient’s own blood cells to rejuvenate the face. This treatment involves drawing the patient’s blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to collect the PRF. The PRF is then injected under the eyes and slowly releases growth factors which stimulate collagen and elastin production. The results are improved thickness and quality of skin. Best results seen with three sessions.


Individuals seeking natural regenerative therapies such as tissue healing, facial rejuvenation, or dental procedures may be good candidates for platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). However, suitability should be assessed by a healthcare provider based on individual medical history and treatment goals.

Results from PRF treatment can vary depending on the specific application and individual healing response. While some individuals may notice improvements shortly after treatment, optimal results typically develop gradually over several weeks to months as the regenerative processes take effect.

The longevity of results from PRF treatment depends on the treated area, individual healing abilities, and lifestyle factors. In some cases, results may last several months to years, especially when combined with appropriate maintenance and follow-up care.

Downtime following PRF treatment is typically minimal, with most individuals able to resume normal activities shortly after the procedure. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort may occur at the treatment site, which usually resolves within a few days.

Before PRF treatment, discussing any illnesses, medications, or allergies with your healthcare provider to ensure safety and effectiveness is important. After treatment, following post-procedural instructions provided by your healthcare provider, such as avoiding strenuous activities and adhering to proper wound care, can help optimize results and minimize complications.

During a PRF treatment session, the patient draws a small amount of blood. The blood is then processed to isolate the platelet-rich fibrin containing concentrated growth factors and proteins. The PRF is injected into the target area to stimulate tissue regeneration and healing. The entire process typically takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the specific procedure.

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